Legacy download center

Here you can find all old downloads of the legacy download center

Android ARM

For installation on Android Smartphones of tablets

Download: android-debug.apk
Android x86

For installation on android Systems with x86 arch like pc based systems or RemixOS

Download: Navit-debug-unaligned.apk Download: navit-3de4a6cccf934cbd169e8189b782f440b3dd04d0-x86-debug.apk

For installation on Linux PCs (You will know what you need when you search here)

Download: navit.sh Download: navit.tar.gz
TomTom Minimal

For installation on TomTom devices with

Download: navitom_minimal.zip
TomTom Plugin

For installation on TomTom devices with the official operating systems

Download: navitom_plugin.zip

For installation on Windows PCs (NSIS Installer)

Download: navit.exe

For all devices with WinCE on it, mostly mobile devices

Download: navit.cab Download: navit.exe Download: navit.zip