Legacy download center

Here you can find all old downloads of the legacy download center

Android x86

For installation on android Systems with x86 arch like pc based systems or RemixOS

Download: Navit-debug-unaligned.apk Download: navit-3de4a6cccf934cbd169e8189b782f440b3dd04d0-x86-debug.apk

For installation on Linux PCs (You will know what you need when you search here)

Download: navit.sh Download: navit.tar.gz
TomTom Minimal

For installation on TomTom devices with

Download: navitom_minimal.zip
TomTom Plugin

For installation on TomTom devices with the official operating systems

Download: navitom_plugin.zip

For installation on Windows PCs (NSIS Installer)

Download: navit.exe

For all devices with WinCE on it, mostly mobile devices

Download: navit.cab Download: navit.exe Download: navit.zip